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Typical Needs of Wealthy Investors

While each individual or family has a unique mix of goals and requirements, they frequently share a need for planning and investment expertise and resources, and other support.  Forward-looking, wise management is the most commonly needed ingredient.

In our previous piece, Nearing an Exit: Questions to Ask Yourself and Others, we outlined the types of questions ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families might ask themselves as they begin to think about substantial wealth, its application, preservation and accompanying issues.

We noted the relevance of the questions and answers vary as widely as the people weighing them. But, in our experience, we do observe some common considerations. These broadly center on understanding one’s goals, how best to use and deploy capital for maximum satisfaction (broadly defined) and the thought processes and resources to do so. 

Here we describe these needs and some approaches to meet them.  We believe in ensuring plans closely fit the individual and aspects of their specific situation – but that can be expensive.  So it’s helpful to first define the audience – to whom these perspectives might be helpful based on level of wealth.

From a practical standpoint, if the benefits of a holistic solution significantly outweigh its cost and effort at your level of wealth, then you’re in the target audience. By “holistic,” we mean solutions incorporating investment, financial, income tax compliance, estate planning and other relevant considerations.  As a rough estimate, individuals and families with total net worth exceeding $10-20 million will likely find value in at least some of the elements we describe below.  Along with wealth, the complexity of a family’s circumstances often increases and thus the potential net benefits of the holistic approach.

At BCA, we have wide-ranging experience across these topics and would be pleased to talk with you to help evaluate these benefit/cost tradeoffs.  

This is part of the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Investors: Preparing for What’s Ahead series. Continue reading similar content below:

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